Thank You, Pat and James Haskell

Our club has grown from a fledgling, handful of local beekeeper enthusiasts, to a robust, active group that spans the County.  We owe our roots to the efforts of Jim and Pat Haskell, master beekeepers who encouraged, supported, and promoted the formation and evolution of the Fairfax Beekeepers organization.

The club would not have come in to existence without their tireless support financially, keeping the original group together, and encouraging us to form a legitimate club.  They gave of their expertise and time, and opened their beeyard for instruction to new beekeepers.  

We were saddened by Pat's passing last year; she is now followed by her life partner.  Both were dear friends of many members of our organization - and to beekeepers across the Commonwealth.  

We thank you, Pat and Jim, and will always remember your contributions to apiculture.

James Haskell's Memoriam

Pat Haskell's Memoriam